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In a world that is getting more and more digital and immaterial, where many sides of our expertise seem to lose their importance, the passion for print has become our main challenge.
Lito Group believes that it is important to offer a high-quality service to those who still want to create and impress their ideas on paper. Our customers’ needs have always been the core of our work: the attention for every project, the choice of the most adequate supports, the precise realization and the care for details are the solid bases of our activity, constantly dedicated to give substance to your imagination.

We operate into the present, aware that print is an art enshrined in a secular tradition, because we know that progress can be reached only if we keep an eye on the past, where what we have been can lead us to whom we will be.
Still, we do not forget that innovation is fundamental as well: up-to-date operating systems, groundbreaking plants and continuous investments to improve print quality and resolution help us to offer you ever-better products.
Today, our real bet is the choice to manage the main phases of the production process internally and directly, in the belief that teamwork and customer involvement at every step of the way can make everything become possible.

From the plan to the product, through every detail.

Imagine your world, we will give it shape.


Via dell'industria, 63
41042 Spezzano (MO) Italy
P.I 03585300365
Phone +39 0536/927-811
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Via dell'industria, 63
41042 Spezzano (MO) Italia
P.I 03585300365
Telefono +39 0536/927-811
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